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Building construction project in the Philippines

"A hydraulic breaker is nothing more than a consumable."

People have often said this. Hydraulic breakers are attachments that are attached to excavators and used to excavate bedrock and break hard materials such as rock and concrete. This breaking work is done in very harsh environments. There is no doubt that hydraulic breakers must withstand tremendous loads and, if they break, it is not uncommon for them to be discarded. But is it really true that hydraulic breakers are nothing more than consumables?

Delivery to building construction project site

In March of 2018, a Furukawa hydraulic breaker, the Fxj225, was delivered to a construction site in Quezon City in Metro Manila in the Philippines. The customer for this hydraulic breaker was a developer in Philippines, one of the largest construction companies in the Philippines. The Fxj225 is being used to excavate bedrock to prepare the land for building houses on a housing construction site operated by the customer. "The Fxj225 is much quieter and doesn't shake as much as the previous breaker we were using from another company," said an operator from the customer. "So at first we were worried that it wouldn't provide us with the power we needed. But after a while, we realized that this breaker was heads and shoulders above the others in terms of getting the job done." The operator was surprised how good a job the Furukawa breaker did considering its low-noise, low-vibration specs. He had always believed about breakers that the louder they were and the more they shook, the more power they had, and the better job they did—a belief that was shared by most in the Philippine construction industry. But the Fxj breaker smashed this theory completely. Operators working with breakers are subject to long hours of loud noise and heavy vibrations. Furukawa wants to create an environment where operators can concentrate better by alleviating some of the burden on them. Our breakers are made with this goal in mind.

FRD distributor - TCES

Furukawa breaker sales and after-sales services are provided by Toyotsu Columbian Equipment & Solutions Inc. (TCES), our dealer in the Philippines. "We sell Japanese-brand excavators," said a TCES sales rep. "Furukawa breakers have made-in-Japan quality that is recognized by the market. Having these Furukawa breakers in our lineup means that we can offer high-quality products to our customers with confidence." The sales staff were also eager to point out the differences in functionality compared to other companies' products. Conventional breakers have embedded through bolts that pass through the four corners of the breaker. In the harsh environment of breaking work, these through bolts are subject to heavy loads, which can cause them to break, forcing operators to replace them. All breaker users used to think this was inevitable. But this "common knowledge" doesn't hold true with the Fxj breaker, because its design has eliminated through bolts. This breaker frees the customer from stress by overcoming what used to be the unavoidable problem of through bolt breakage. "The Furukawa Fxj breaker really stands out from all the others on the market because it is the only one using a technology that eliminates through bolts," said the TCES sales manager. "I want to let more customers know about how easy this breaker is to maintain, and increase the loyal customer base for this excellent product."

New experience to the market

Several months after receiving its new Fxj225, The customer is impressed with how long the Furukawa breaker rod has lasted. "Some of our customers have told us that Furukawa breaker rods last at least twice as long as the ones they used before," explained a TCES service rep. "They said that they had no idea that rods could last this long. They were really impressed." Furukawa genuine rods are designed to elicit the best possible performance from Furukawa breakers. The TCES service team also conducts machine adjustments tailored to each worksite, enabling the breakers to deliver a high level of productivity. These are the reasons why Furukawa rods last so long.

As your partner

"A hydraulic breaker is nothing more than a consumable."
When someone says so, we can answer, "We do not intend for our hydraulic breakers to be consumables. We know that our products are used in harsh environments, so we will continue to deliver products that are as long-lasting as possible, and that provide high productivity in spite of the harshness of the environment in which they are used. Your breaker is your partner—your Furukawa breaker will be easy on you, but have the power you need to get the job done. "The Fxj hydraulic breaker. A state-of-the-art model that delivers the best of Furukawa experience and made-in-Japan technology. We meet needs that you didn't know you had, revolutionize conventional wisdom about breakers, and offer you something that you've never seen before. Furukawa will always provide our customers with technologies that lead to the future.