Furukawa Company Group

Parts & Service

Furukawa Rock Drill products are active at the front lines of every work site in mining, crushing, civil engineering, and demolition. We provide replacement parts rapidly and assuredly to allow stable operation of our products, and we have a system to support manufacturing operations by professional service personnel with an abundance of experience.

Service based by region

In order to ensure stable operation of Furukawa Rock Drill products that are in use, Furukawa Rock Drill professionals support the operation of our products through 16 bases in Japan and 7 bases overseas based on a system of rapidly and assuredly providing replacement parts.

General Warranty

Underground products and surface drill products include a 1 year*1) new vehicle warranty and attachment products include a 6 month*1) new vehicle warranty that offer peace of mind.

Although only products that have passed strict completion inspections and pre-shipping inspections at the factory are delivered, in the event that a fault does occur within the warranty period, repairs are performed free of charge.

*1)The new vehicle warranty period may differ between regions and models. Contact your nearest dealer for details.

Service Parts

Our company products are developed using the latest analysis technology and strict endurance testing based on over 100 years of knowledge and experience in rock drills, and are shipped to market under rigorous quality control. Although the core parts of rock drills are highly precisely machined and heat-treated to have high performance and durability, they should be replaced quickly when the wear limit has been exceeded as time passes. If usage continues in an excessively worn state, there is a risk not only of performance degradation, but also of damage to other related parts.

Note that genuine parts must be used for replacement.

The provision time limit on parts for repairing Furukawa Rock Drill products is set to 10 years after manufacture of the final product based on the “Guidelines on providing replacement parts” set by the Japan Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association in order to streamline and increase the efficiency of replacement parts.

If you order parts for repairing a product where the provision time limit has elapsed, you may need to negotiate the delivery time and price before the order can be handled.

Note that separate consultation may be required even within the provision time limit for parts that are physically difficult to secure such as due to production ending by a supplier such as of electrical parts.


In order to ensure that Furukawa Rock Drill products can be used reliably, manufacturer quality maintenance is performed using quality standards equivalent to new vehicle by utilizing manufacturing knowledge and experience. Since a maintenance warranty is included, the product can be used with peace of mind.

Furthermore, recycle/re-use of main parts such as the hydraulic cylinder in hydraulic crushers are also performed.