Furukawa Company Group

LCS Activities

LCS is an abbreviation of Life Cycle Support, and refers to the activities of supporting customers across the product life cycle from installation until end of life of a Furukawa Rock Drill product.

Furukawa Rock Drill promotes activities for thoroughly and assuredly providing the appropriate support as suitable for the stage in the life cycle of the product to customers who loyally use our company products based on a core of communication between the three parties of the customer, the dealer, and Furukawa Rock Drill.

Sincerely providing safety and reliability across the life cycle of a product

Parts & Service

Furukawa Rock Drill products are active at the front lines of every work site in mining, crushing, civil engineering, and demolition. We provide replacement parts rapidly and assuredly to allow stable operation of our products, and we have a system to support manufacturing operations by professional service personnel with an abundance of experience.


FRD-Net is a registration-based portal site for vitalizing communication between the three parties of the customer, the dealer, and Furukawa Rock Drill. It allows you to browse information related to maintenance of machinery and to order parts online. It is linked to DRILL-NET which provides operation information about machinery.

To support activities for assisting customers, tools with high usage value are available at dealers and internally within Furukawa Rock Drill, in addition to more detailed information and statistical information.


The cost of maintenance and repairs of machinery increases with the number of years of operation. The occurrence of sudden repair costs after years have passed can have an effect on a business.

Furukawa Rock Drill supports not only stable operation of machinery but also budgeting and leveling of customer maintenance costs through extended warranties and full maintenance contracts for each section.

About Workshops

Workshops are held to allow Furukawa Rock Drill products to be used more safely and reliably. These support the knowledge and experience of people involved in Furukawa Rock Drill products through programs that suit various levels from training in the basic hydraulic, electrical, and rock drill mechanisms for people involved with Furukawa Rock Drill products for the first time to training in detailed maintenance procedures for the people in charge of maintenance.