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FRD-Net is a registration-based portal site for vitalizing communication between the three parties of the customer, the dealer, and Furukawa Rock Drill. It allows you to browse information related to maintenance of machinery and to order parts online. It is linked to DRILL-NET which provides operation information about machinery.

To support activities for assisting customers, tools with high usage value are available at dealers and internally within Furukawa Rock Drill, in addition to more detailed information and statistical information.

Introduction to FRD-Net

If you register with FRD-Net, you can use the following functions from a computer or smartphone (iOS or Android). You can order parts online while viewing the parts list at your office or on site, and you can search information provided in technical manuals such as maintenance manuals at maintenance sites. The provision of operational information by DRILL-NET makes it possible to perform machinery management for high usage value.

At dealers and internally within Furukawa Rock Drill, it is possible to browse information such as machine maintenance and repair histories and parts replacement information on the Internet. Furthermore, tools for assisting with upgrading customer machines and increasing the number of customer machines such as a tool for calculating the production cost per ton are also provided.

Introduction to DRILL-NET

DRILL-NET is an effective tool for increasing the utilization and productivity at worksites. It allows you to obtain in more detail than ever before information related to operational status and machine performance from machines that are equipped with various sensors. Since direct data communication is performed in areas that have wireless signal while indirect data communication is performed by using Bluetooth in areas that do not have wireless signal, there are no limits on the operational area.

Furukawa Rock Drill uses DRILL-NET in cooperation with dealers to provide products and service programs that match for our customer work sites. This allows us to provide appropriate options for realizing the demands of our customers including improved production efficiency, reduced production cost, and increased safety.

Introduction to Online Parts Ordering System

The online parts ordering system allows you to order parts at any time. Customers do not need to contact us by phone or fax, and there is no need to worry about business hours.

Furthermore, since parts can be ordered while looking at the parts list, there is no risk of mis-ordering.

This allows you to order parts by selecting the required parts from the parts list online.

Introduction to Cost Simulator

Cost simulator is a tool that helps the Furukawa Rock Drill Sales Division with calculating the production cost per ton of crawler drills. By inputting the required information such as product, drilling specifications, rock characteristic conditions, consumable parts price, and personnel costs, the estimated production volume, unit price per meter drilled, and other values can be calculated.

Customers who are investigating changing blasting patterns or replacing machinery should contact their Furukawa Rock Drill sales rep.