Furukawa Company Group

BTO Products


Great turning ability in narrow bench, comfortable cabin. Easy to operate. Advanced drilling system, high pressure high blow compressor, and high power engine work hard for you at the job-site.

Shaft Jumbo

Shaft Jumbos are designed for the excavation of a deep shaft in mining and construction, and perform efficient excavation of shafts of small to large sized cross-sectional areas. Shaft Jumbos are to be designed in accordance with shaft specifications on each project.


We manufacture multi-functional tunnel workstations which perform all operations from drilling holes for setting blast powder, building supports, installing rock bolts to spraying concrete according to each customer’s specification.

Stationary Rock Breaker

Rock Breaker is a stationary rock breaking equipment designed for heavy work of breaking oversized rock on a grizzly in mine and performs distinguished productivity, durability and safety, as well as Stationary Rock Breakers are to be designed in compliance with the specifications which customers required.