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The cost of maintenance and repairs of machinery increases with the number of years of operation. The occurrence of sudden repair costs after years have passed can have an effect on a business.

Furukawa Rock Drill supports not only stable operation of machinery but also budgeting and leveling of customer maintenance costs through extended warranties and full maintenance contracts for each section.

Maintenance Program

In addition to periodic maintenance, the Furukawa Rock Drill maintenance program also performs the appropriate preventative maintenance based on diagnosis of the health of machines. Extended warranties and full maintenance contracts by section deliver stable operation of machinery and budgeting and leveling of customer maintenance costs.

Extended Warranty Program

The extended warranty program is a program for extending the normal warranty period on a per-unit basis. Extending the warranty period of important components where expensive repair costs occur in the case of a sudden fault allows Furukawa Rock Drill products to be used with peace of mind.

By performing appropriate periodic maintenance and preventative maintenance based on operational information about machinery as collected by DRILL-NET, Furukawa Rock Drill provides stable utilization.

Note that extended warranty program maintenances are performed by a service shop designated by Furukawa Rock Drill.

Full Maintenance Program

The full maintenance program is a program that allows you to use the products you have purchased stably and with the highest performance. Paying a fixed cost every month for replacement parts and maintenance work within the designated period means there is no burden due to sudden faults within the contract period in principle.

We offer the optimal program for each individual customer.