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New series of Hydraulic Crawler Drill "HCR L100-E3" for emerging countries launched

Reduced fuel consumption and high drilling performance

Furukawa Rock Drill offers the "HCR Series" of hydraulic crawler drill as its main products. Among the HCR Series, the current product "HCR1500-EDII," which is capable of drilling large holes with a maximum hole diameter of 127 mm, has been used mainly in limestone mines, nonferrous metal mines such as gold and silver mines, and iron ore mines. In recent years, the price of resources has skyrocketed against the backdrop of the Covid-19 disaster and other factors, increasing demand for the "HCR1500-EDII," which can be expected to increase production volume more efficiently. Furukawa Rock Drill has developed the a new series of hydraulic crawler drill as a successor to the "HCR1500-EDII," in order to further reduce fuel consumption and improve drilling performance.
The "HCR L100-E3" is equipped with the latest model engine (high output electronically controlled diesel engine) equivalent to Tier 3 emission regulation compliant, and the cutting-edge fuel-saving technology "Super Economy Mode PLUS [see Feature (3) below]" reduces fuel consumption and is environmentally friendly by selecting the appropriate engine speed according to rock types.
Furthermore, the semi-automatic drilling control iDS (Intelligent Drilling System) [see Feature 4 below], which automatically controls optimal drilling conditions according to changes in rock quality, has enabled smoother drilling, reduced hole deviation, which is a factor in deteriorating production efficiency, and extended the service life of drilling accessories. The company plans to market this product in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and Africa, as well as in Oceania.
Furukawa Rock Drill will continue its product development efforts and further strengthen its lineup of the "HCR L Series," a new series of hydraulic crawler drills, to contribute to infrastructure development in Japan and overseas.

Features of "HCR L100-E3"


Model HCR L100-E3
Operating weight 17,370 kg
Drifter HD715
Engine Caterpillar
Compressor Airman
13.5m3 1.03MPa
Rod changer GR802
T51 6 pcs+1 (Starter rod)
Drilling diameter Φ90~127mm
HCR L100