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New series of Down The Hole Drill "DCR L130-F5" for the U.S. and Europe launched

Reduced fuel consumption and high drilling performance

Furukawa Rock Drill Co., Ltd. has developed the DCR L130-F5, a new series of down-the-hole drills for the U.S. and Europe, and began selling them in January 2023.
The "DCR L130-F5" (maximum drilling diameter: 165 mm dia.) uses a clean engine that complies with emission regulations (EPA Tier 4 Final / EU Stage V). The "Super Economy Mode PLUS" cutting-edge fuel-saving technology allows the operator to select the engine speed during drilling operations according to rock quality, reducing fuel consumption while maintaining drilling performance. In addition, a compressor with powerful flushing capability and a high-performance dust collector provide high drilling capacity and reduced cycle time. Furthermore, the conventional frame and boom shape have been revised to simplify transportation and maintenance operations. Furukawa Rock Drill Co., Ltd. will market this product as an environmentally friendly strategic machine for The U.S. and Europe.



Model DCR L130-F5
Operating weight 23,600 kg
Drill Motor DOWMAX / ME350
Maximum torque: 4.2 kN-m
Maximum rotation speed:120min-1
Engine Caterpillar
C13B (EPA Tier 4 Final / EU Stage Ⅴ)
Compressor Airman PDSK900
24.3m3/1800min-1, 2.5MPa
27.0m3/2000min-1, 2.3MPa
Rod changer GR803
Rod length: 5000mm/6000mm
Rod diameter: 76,89,102mm
Number of Rod Storage
5000mm: 8 pcs+1 (Starter rod)
6000mm: 4 pcs+1 (Starter rod)
Drilling diameter Φ89~165mm
DCR L130