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Promote sustainable growth by establishing Core Competence

Aiming for a strong organization with "KEEP THE BEAT!!!"

Innovation is our tradition KEEP THE BEAT!!! The world's best drifters born through our passion and technology for the 1/1000 mm order. FRD Furukawa. Since 1914 THE BEST ROCKDRILL.
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In 1914, Furukawa Rock Drill developed Japan's first handheld rock drill, the Ashio-type Sanban rock drill, which was uniquely suited to the Japanese physique. Since then, Furukawa Rock Drill has evolved and applied its technology and now leads the industry as a top rock drill manufacturer with products indispensable for infrastructure development and mining, such as hydraulic breakers, hydraulic and pneumatic crawler drills, and tunnel drill jumbos.

The drifter (rock drill) installed in these product groups is the core product that crushes bedrock by applying impact while rotating. Drifters are the core of our current product lineup because they achieve optimum drilling by precisely controlling the four elements of impact, rotation, thrust, and flushing in a well-balanced manner, and they are highly durable under severe conditions of high speed, high pressure and high temperature.
Therefore, in order for the Rock Drill Division to work together to achieve sustainable growth, we have set catchphrases and visuals under the common banner of our core competence of “drifter.”
In order to achieve the 2025 vision and enter a new stage after that, we will provide better products to our customers by reaffirming our strength in "drifters" and working across the entire company to refine and develop our technology.

Core competence catchphrase

Main catchphrase “KEEP THE BEAT!!!”

The main catchphrase has the meaning of always moving forward with Drifter's characteristic "BEAT" (strength).

Sub catchphrase “Innovation is our tradition” “Break that wall!”

The sub catchphrase expresses the history and passion of the company as a challenger who constantly pursues innovation and the latest technology, as well as the outstanding development and technical capabilities that are the result of such pursuits.

Body catchphrase “The world's best drifters born through our passion and technology for the 1/1000mm order”

The drifter's striking mechanism is produced by a built-in piston that reciprocates more than 3,000 times per minute. In order to achieve stable ultra-high-speed reciprocating motion, we use our unique technology and know-how to perform machining in units of 1/1000 mm. The body catchphrase expresses the challenge of the latest technology and the spirit of craftsmanship that focuses on the difference of 1/1000 mm to produce the world's best drifters.

Core competence visuals

“Innovation is our tradition”

“Break that wall!”