Furukawa Company Group

Pneumatic Tools

Furukawa’s Pneumatic tools are designed as simple, light weight and powerful. High breaking efficiency adapts to various kinds of locks with less air consumption.

Chipping Hammer

  • Chipping concrete blocks in building and civil engineering work
  • Removal of various burrs
  • Assistance in electric work, sewage work, gas work, etc.

Pick Hammer

Light yet powerful. Suitable for digging soft rocks and crushing and ditching concrete.

Paving Breaker

Paving breakers B-series are effective when used in heavier works such as simple road construction, ditching, and the breaking up of strong concrete structures.

Hand Drill

Hand drills are designed mainly for vertical drilling. Widely used for breaking rocks in quarries or for road constructions and other civil engineering work.

Leg Drill

Air leg drills are designed mainly for use in horizontal drilling. These medium-sized and large-sized drills for horizontal drilling are proven evaluated at mines, tunnel construction, dam construction, etc.

Air Auger

Auger drills soft rocks and clayey rocks which cannot be drilled easily with impact rotary drills.